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9585: Re: 9433: Haitian Cinema. Alan Moss responds (fwd)

From: Alan Moss <alanmoss@caribsurf.com>

Having been off-list for a few days last week (while in Haiti, buying
books), I am not sure whether anyone responded to Kathy Homicile's enquiry
about books on Haitian cinema.  Two new titles I found there should be of
interest to her, however.

Both were published by the Fondation Forum Eldorado and both are described
as "Catalogues" issued in conjunction with the "1er Forum du Cinema et de
l'Audiovisuelle en Haiti, 19-28 Octobre, 2001".

The more general one, "Mythes ou realites pour la Caraibe", features an
18-page overview "Le cinema en Haiti", by Christian Pheline, as well as
several shorter articles.  In all, 72 pages.

The other is "Les films de Raoul Peck : Haiti ici et ailleurs", which
includes general articles on Peck's work as well as discussions of each of
his longer films individually.  96 pages.

The booklets are illustrated, although with relatively few stills from the
films themselves, and excellently produced.

I found them only at the the Port-au-Prince (Rue des Miracles) branch of La
Pleiade, and at the Petionville branch of Asterix.  The publisher's e-mail
address is given as <f.eldorado@haitiworld.com>

Alan Moss