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9595: RE: 9581: Journal of Haitian Studies (fwd)

From: Marc Prou <Marc.Prou@umb.edu>

 In response to the question regarding submission of articles and
subscription to the Journal of Haitian Studies, you can do so at the
following address:
  Dr. Claudine Michel, Editor
   Journal of Haitian Studies
  Center for Black Studies
  4603 South Hall
  University of California, Santa Barbara
  Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3140

 or you can contact the Headquarters:
 Haitian Studies Association
 University of Massachusetts Boston
 100 Morrissey Blvd.
 Boston, Mass 02125-3393

 tel(617) 287-7138
 fax (617) 287-6797

 Dr. Marc Prou, Executive Director