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9611: Serious error in RSF press release on Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

November 14, 2001

Reporters without Borders

Re:  Your press release dated Nov. 12, 2001 entitled Assasination of
Journalist Jean Dominique

Dear Sir/Madam:

In your French version of the above-mentioned press release you note in 
conclusion that Mr. Dany Toussaint was "inculpe" in May 2001.  The word 
"inculpe" translates to mean "implicated."  However, in your  English version 
of your press release you use the word "indicted" which is entirely different 
in nature.  

I respectfully request that you advise all of your recipients of this error, 
immediately correct your English version of your press release, and send a 
correction to the media in which the English version has been placed.

I trust you understand the gravity of such an error and I thank you in 
advance for your anticipated correction of the English text.

Michelle Karshan
Foreign Press Liaison
National Palace
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Note:  If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please advise me by 
email.  Thank you.