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9633: Re: 9631: 18 November 2003 (fwd)

From: "Lawrence A. Harper Sr." <lawrencesr@yahoo.com>

Haiti must repay the debt because as with all business
people are trying to make money.  That is how things
are done in the real world.

To begin with; the people who were to benefit from the
money probably never received the money.  My guess,
without benefit of direct knowledge, is that the money
went to govenment officials who paid themselves,
relatives, friends and assorted govenment pals.  As
such since it was the rich who received it, then the
rich should repay it.  The every person in Haiti has
no money and therfore is not expected to re pay the

Yes...Haiti has had a tough time...but after the
revloultion Haiti's fate for the most part has been in
its own hand.  Yes, yes, yes...I am sure many of you
will say the evil CIA, the evil United States, the
evil people of the world have ganged up on Haiti and
taken advantage of the poor helpless people.  However,
at what point does Haiti take some reponsiblity...at
what point does Haiti demand better for itself...

This is not meant to be another of the many
philosopical discussions on Haiti...heaven knows this
group is great at talking about problems...its just
seems that like this group...Haiti whines a lot and
never does anything to change the core of its

Ok..let the philisophical flames begin...however...it
all want to do is flame me...fire away...if you
actually have a plan and need someone to go with you
or provide some support work...write to me directly.

Lawrence A. Harper, Sr.