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9658: Re: 9641: Re: 18 November 2003 - Antoine responds to Harper (no flame) (fwd)

From: Cladaja@aol.com

Antoine: the debate about paying the debt is an old.one..have anyone follow 
Cuba's role in movilizing goverment and public opinion about a debt 
moratorium for countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras ect...the 
question is what kind of "foreing aid" are we taking about? The word "aid" is 
an euphemism, the real word and meaning is control, dominination, opression 
ie. "foreing control", "foreign domination", "foreing opression". 
Is Haiti obligated to  pay back ?  Well it is a political and economical 
question, it all the depends in what kind of government is governing haiti, 
and what is Haiti economic situation. Also it is a tactical question not a 
question of political or moral principles for Haiti to pay the debt.