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9655: New Approach: A Haitian Solution (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

After 200 years, we have to realize by now that we
have failed as a nation, now it is time to change.
Human beings resists to change but change is
inevitable. In the late 1980ís we have seen talk
between the apartheid government and the black in
South Africa. Later, we have seen someone released
from Jail to become president and He (Mr. Mandela) was
the only who could have done that in South Africa. He
was neither a priest nor a pastor, but we all can say,
he was a man of God. He had compassion and the spirit
of forgiveness. You donít have to tell me if you are a
pastor, priest or a religious man/woman, in your
action I will see that. We teach by examples. 
	Some of us are blessed, we could have been among the
65 % and plus illiterate in Haiti. In seeing some
photographs about our Haitians brothers/sisters in the
Dominican republic http://www.hrw.org/campaigns/race/
.  (Click on the photo in the right column.) one can
see the miserable life they are enduring. 
	Today we have to see the Haitian phenomenon
differently. We have no time to remain pessimist. If
the Black and white in South Africa can manage to
abolish the apartheid, if the Germans can unify
Germany, now there are talks between the Palestinians
and the Israelites, the Irish catholic and protestant,
north and South Korea. Thatís mean communication has
power and we shall use it to help our country as well.

	The collapse of the negotiation between the Lavalas
and the Convergence is not a reason to lose hope. Now,
we have seen the mistakes of both sides and know that
these two protagonists have difficulties to find a
negotiated solution but if others get involved they
might help them out. Therefore, we have to call upon a
mediator. That mediator might be a group or a trusted
person by both sides. OAS as well as the UN had
failed, therefore, a new mediator must be found. That
person or organization must be neutral. But let me put
my two cents on it: A national solution for a national
problem. Haiti has 9 Departments, 27 Arrondissements +
the 10th Department (Haitians who are living oversea),
Each department must send 9 Plus 3 from abroad =12 and
each arrondissement must send one. In all, we will
have 39 members. These folks should organize town
meeting throughout the country to hear the people for
a period of three months. Then they will discuss among
themselves without any pressure from anyone. They will
submit their final recommendation to the people of the
country. Upon an agreement, these folks will call OAS,
UN, EU, CARICOM and others to witness the signature of
a pact crafted by Haitians for Haitians.  Anything
from outside will be a quick fix but will not last, a
Haitian solution must be found and the Haitians people
must be involved.  

Joseph Alfred
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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