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9648: Re: 9641: Re: 18 November 2003 - Antoine responds to Harper (no flame) (fwd)

From: "Lawrence A. Harper Sr." <lawrencesr@yahoo.com>

Mr. Antione...

Who ever said that I spoke to or about what a Haitian
person thinks...I responded to your post based upon
what you said.

While the complexities of international finance do not
escape me; their exists some the basic premise that
challenges your conclusion.

In essence; you are stating that Haiti should have its
debts forgiven because the rest of the world is
smarter than Haiti and Haiti lacks the ability to
resolve even the slightest degree of its monetary
policies.  That the countries of the world, bound and
determined to keep "the Black man in his place" will
make an example of Haiti by keeping it down.

That is not the Haiti that I adore.  I adore the Haiti
that has the ability to take whatever is thrown at
it...it heritage of recovery any nature or human
disaster and continue to persevre.

While I lack your intense intrigal knowledge of all
things Haitian; I do believe that any nation which can
defeat it master is capable of anything.  Everyday
small victories in Haiti keep the Haitian people going
and along its spirit to soar.  And again, while I lack
your insight into all things that Haiti needs and how
to acquire them; I believe that what Haiti does need
is the confidence and expertise of those who wish to
see Haiti become the growth Nation of the Western

I will no longer respond to these post whereas they
serve no purpose.  I will be glad to help anyone who
wants organize and do something like Bob. Even if we
did not thing but sent Bob Five Dollars a month from
each of us; this would be better than than this
continual game of linguist gymnastic when it comes to
what Haiti needs...Haiti needs less talk and more
action...a dollar here...a dollars there does more
than endless philosphical debates.

I will not clog up the list with endless diatribes
that neither genrate action nor dollars to Bob...if
you want to debate....PLEASE write me in private...if
you want to try something...anything...let the action

As to the matter of my "wild assumptions"...well...we
should all be blessed with your inate ability to
discount the conclusions of others.

Lawrence A. Harper, Sr.


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