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9670: volunteer work wanted, cap haitien (fwd)

From: casey wolf <haitiw@yahoo.com>

dear all,

i am wanting to go and live in (or perhaps near) cap
haitien for an extended period of time and i would
like to do some volunteer work while i am there.  if
you know of any organizations there that could use a
hand, could you send me info about them (who they are,
what they do,  how to contact them)?  i have no
medical training, but i have a fair bit of experience
in various sorts of volunteer work, and would be happy
to send a resume to a suitable organization.

housing will be a concern for me.  any information
about acquiring very inexpensive housing would also be
useful, in case the organization i do hook up with has
none available.  for instance, what is the usual rent
for a room or a small apartment and how do you go
about finding them?  

many thanks,
casey wolf

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