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9684: Nadal, Opposition, Etc. (fwd)

From: Vilaire@aol.com

Nadal's "Let My People Go" post is so full of unfounded attacks that it's impossible to take seriously. So long as the so-called opposition, defined very broadly here, presents such outrageous characterization of what's
happening in Haiti, the Haitian government has nothing to worry about.

There are, however, many of us who have a legitimate beef with the current government on REAL issues of concern (e.g. the Jean Dominique case, justice, transparency, corruption). And there are many of us who do not have any biblical, Moses-like complex of parting the Red Sea in order to bring about the necessary changes we want in Haiti... 

It's important not to confound the rabid "if it doesn't rain, Lavalas is at fault" crowd and those of us with well-founded fear and concern for the future of Haiti. As I've said before here and elsewhere, it's a serious mistake to dissect Haiti in two neat camps.