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9694: Re: 9685: Haiti: U.S. Hold on IDB Loans Increase Misery - Fact Sheet (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Your point is well taken, at this present moment your
government is engaging in an instance negotiation to
resolve the may congressional election. In the Haitian
senate some senator had voiced their concerned about a
house that was purchase for over 1 million dollars by
the state for the prime minister. I don’t believe the
president nor the prime minister has the right to
purchase property for the state of Haiti. 
	The internal conflict between the interior minister
Mr. Menard and the primer minister is still ongoing
and at any time the prime minister may be force to
leave the government. The government is unstable,
street demonstrations by lavalas loyalists and the
opposition are ongoing. The Haitian Senate is not
doing his job, the justice department had forward a
judge request for the Senate to vote yes or no on that
request, still now no action has been taken.
The government has three branches: the executive,
Legislative and justice. Since no action has taken to
remedy the congressional election therefore the
government is incomplete. Therefore this congress has
no legitimacy to vote on any law or makes any
amendment. Wee are talking about transparency 7
contested senator is more than one third of the
senate. When election is organized for those 7 seats
and other contested seat then we can talk about a
legitimate government.
	In addition to that one Senator did not attend any
senate session for the past 6 months and now another
one is in hiding after the police had confiscated his
car full of bandits “Zenglendo”.  
	Once everything is returned to normalcy the
international community will authorize the bank to
release the loan. At this present moment I don’t
believe the Haitian government is low in cash if one
can purchase a castle for over 1 million for the
primer minister when the average Haitian can barely
eat. Why not building a school or a dispensaire or fix
some roads with that money? Solve the political
problem prior expecting a dime. End of discussion. No
more no less. 

Joseph Alfred, Teacher
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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