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9710: TET CHAJE (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

Haiti: Peasants leader calls for general mobilizations against Lavalas regime 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 22, 2001
[Announcer] The MPP [Papaye Peasant Movement] leader has issued a call for civil disobedience against the Lavalas regime. Chavannes Jean-Baptiste invites all the sectors of the country to get together to get rid of the Lavalas government, the antidemocratic regime, the worst regime that Haiti has ever known, the MPP leader said. Jean-Baptiste said that it is unthinkable that the great majority of the population is starving while high-ranking Lavalas officials monopolize all the country's resources. Jean-Baptiste said the following:

[Begin Jean-Baptiste recording, in Creole] We have been issuing this call for civil disobedience for a long time. Today, when we consider the state of the country, for instance I have been on the Pignon road in the north and it is impassible. The road from Hinche to Pignon has not been repaired for 10 years. The country is deteriorating. The dollar exchange rate versus the gourde is 27 gourdes to one dollar today. The people cannot cope with the high cost of living. Parents cannot afford to send their children to school, and a climate of insecurity prevails everywhere. People just cannot take it anymore. We really think that it is time for a general mobilization to take place to get the country out of the situation it is in now, so that the country may truly get on the road to democracy. We really hope that all sectors will be involved, such as peasants, workers, the masses, students, intellectuals, the private sector, civil society and everybody. And those in the Lavalas party who have lost their way can come and walk with us to free the country. For this situation is unacceptable, and I think that the people cannot bear it for too long.

Those of us in the MPNKP [Papaye Congress National Peasants Movement] are always ready to participate in a true mobilization capable of leading to a real change in the country. I believe that all the conditions are met, for the situation is unbearable. It is only the fat cats that continue to lie to the people. Four years ago, we said that Lavalas was worse then all the past Duvalier regimes. Many people protested then, saying that we were crazy. But now everybody is able to see the reality in a clear manner.

Source: Radio Vision 2000, Port-au-Prince, in French 1130 gmt 21 Nov 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Opposition to use "any and all weapons" to overthrow Lavalas 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 22, 2001

[Announcer] Joaquim Novembre, coordinator of the Papaye Peasants Movement, MPP, in lower Plateau Central, says they in the opposition will keep up their mobilizations until they win the departure of the current regime. [Mirebalais correspondent] Patrick Pierre-Louis gives us the details:

[Pierre-Louis] Novembre, the coordinator of the MPP in Plateau Central, says the Democratic Convergence's dreams will come true, come what may. He adds that the Lavalas Family [FL] government will leave office before 2004. The MPP coordinator says that the Convergence will not negotiate any longer because FL has used delaying tactics to keep the power it took by force in the 2000 elections. According to Novembre, the Convergence will use any and all weapons to overthrow the Lavalas regime.

Another situation has been developing in Mirebalais for some days now. Since last week, the people of Mirebalais have been seeing many leaflets throughout the city. These leaflets contain slogans hostile to the current government.

Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 21 Nov 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Opposition warns of "imminent massacre" by government 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 22, 2001

[Announcer] The Haitian opposition is warning the Lavalas government against a huge campaign of repression after the PNH [Haitian National Police] spokesman announced a destabilizing plot last Friday [16 November]. One of the parties, part of the Convergence, is even speaking about an imminent generalized massacre. Hubert De Ronceray's MDN [Mobilization for National Development] says it can issue the ruling because it is in possession of certain reliable reports. De Ronceray spoke as follows:

[De Ronceray] We say that a massacre is imminent because weapons have been distributed everywhere. Influential Lavalas members have visited different areas of the country. Certain people came to tell us that they were asked to get ready to chop off heads and burn down houses. Therefore, we had to take those reports seriously. And what we are saying has grounds and is based on facts. Of course, those facts are not available to everybody, and are not available to several journalists either. So, it is our duty to draw their attention to this. We have heard the statement by the PNH spokesman about a new plot against the rule of law. We all know what that means. Once these people invent plots it means without any doubt that they are preparing repression. We then heard Aristide's declaration on 18 November. He repeated his order for the use of the zero tolerance method. It is also a very clear signal that Lavalas is getting ready for repressive acts. We have also received reports from our different representatives in the south. They informed us about the frequent visits of a true fleet of jeeps in the area, the presence of high-ranking Lavalas officials in the different rural sections of the south. They asked the people straight out to get ready to apply the "koupe tet boule kay" [cut off heads and burn down houses] slogan.

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 20 Nov 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Aristide calls for new revolution, warns against "enemy of the people" 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 22, 2001

[Announcer] The 198th anniversary of the battle of Vertieres was celebrated yesterday. The authorities chose the premises of the police academy where the 28 July events took place to hold the ceremonies. The president, in the presence of the diplomatic corps and his ministers, but in the absence of the president of the superior council of the Haitian National Police [PNH], who is none other than Prime Minister Cherestal, announced a new revolution looking towards the year 2004. Jean-Bertrand Aristide attacked the international community and the opposition. Romney Cajuste has this report:

[Cajuste] This time it was not the Armed Forces of Haiti [FAd'H], but the PNH that commemorated the 198th anniversary of the battle of Vertieres on 18 November. All the PNH units paraded on the campus of the former military academy in an impressive show of security, with social tension and a destabilization plot denounced by the current government as the backdrop. The Intervention and Maintenance of Order Company [CIMO], the SWAT Team, the administrative police, the National Penitentiary Administration [APENA], the Vehicle Traffic Service [SCV], the Fire Brigade Company, the GIPNH [Intervention Group of the Haitian National Police], the IEGPN [expansion unknown], the Coast Guard, all of them were in the parade. Even though it was the anniversary of the public forces, the director general of the police institution did not make an official speech. Although questioned by the press later on, Jean Nesly Lucien did not say a word. He simply said "nothing to say". The head of the PNH council, Jean-Marie Cherestal, did not have any message for the people, and his absence was noticeable. Only the president was able to speak. Aristide praised the battle of Vertieres. According to Aristide, "The indigenous army defeated the French Army, and that achievement is worth repeating." Following in the footsteps of the heroes of 1803, the president announced a new revolution by the year 2004.

[Aristide] //The pan should not boil on one side only. Staunch militants should not struggle and let others benefit from their efforts while they gain nothing in return. Onward for year 2004, and onward for a peaceful revolution.//

[Cajuste] And, according to Aristide, the enemy is already known.

[Aristide] //Today the enemy of the people sets up the political and economic blockade to prevent the people from escaping their terrible poverty of 200 years. As though Dessalines's people did not have eyes to see the hands that are fighting to prevent them from escaping from economic terrorism, from impunity, from that plot of those 200 years.//

[Cajuste] In order to succeed, Aristide believes that he should count on the PNH. The police corps took an oath of loyalty and allegiance to the president by responding to his four questions.

[Aristide] //Will you respect the discipline of the PNH? Will you obey the country's Constitution? [applause] Will you respect the rights of all citizens without distinction? Will you continue to assure the security of the nation without stop? If yes, [word indistinct]. Congratulations. [applause]//

[Cajuste] Very few people were out on the street. There were only some people's organizations [OP] standing around a musical band which was entertaining them.

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 19 Nov 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.

Haiti: Highlights of Signal FM Radio news 1230 gmt 20 Nov 01 
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 22, 2001
2. [04] The Mobilization for National Development, MDN, headed by Hubert de Ronceray, alleges that the Lavalas government is preparing an operation against the opposition. The MDN says in a press release: "In view of the wave of protests of thousands [rephrases] of millions of desperate, unemployed people emanating from the country's nine geographic departments, and at a time when the bodies of boat people are floating in the seas of Anse-a-Veau and Ile-a-Vache, Lavalas is preparing as a matter of urgency to gather police superintendents, public prosecutors, Communal Section Administration Councils, and so on at the National Palace." Hubert De Ronceray spoke to Signal FM [passage omitted on allegations].

3. [09] The Lavalas government blames the international community and the Democratic Convergence for the country's economic blocking. Deputy Rudy Heriveaux accuses the Convergence of being jealous of the people's love for Aristide. He says they are jealous of his popularity and charisma.

4. [11] Several US congressmen have asked the Bush Administration to end the economic embargo imposed on Haiti. They ask the administration to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them to help the Haitian community that is experiencing hardship. These congressmen speak of the high rate of seropositive people in the country. It should be recalled that not long ago more than 30 members of the US Congressional Black Caucus wrote to President Bush to tell him that they wanted to discuss with him his administration's policy towards Haiti.

5. [12] President Aristide, his wife, and members of his cabinet, yesterday received retired Republican Senator Connie Mack, who was accompanied by his assistant (Chuck McLloyd). On this occasion, Senator Mack renewed his commitment to Haiti and the Haitian people.

6. [12] Prime Minister Jean-Marie Cherestal did not answer the Senate Finance Committee's second invitation yesterday. In a letter to the Senate, the prime minister said he does not understand the letter sent to him by Senator Pierre Sancon Prince requesting explanations on the political situation in Haiti. For his part, Prince said he will use all means provided for by the Constitution to force Cherestal to appear and explain his management and how his government is going. Prince said he wants to know the prime minister's opinion about the mobilization against the government in various parts of the country.

7. [13] Report by Petit-Goave correspondent Fred Jasmin: School activities were paralysed yesterday in Petit-Goave. Parents decided to keep their children at home because residents of the commune found some leaflets over the weekend that threatened students who went to school. Even though students did not go to school, policemen were observed in front of several schools in the commune. By the way, the open markets and public administration offices in the city functioned normally.

8. [15] There was a protest movement yesterday in the area surrounding Saint-Medard. Residents of the area set up huge barricades of burning tyres and carcasses of vehicles on National Road 1. The protesters complained that the government does not take care of them as there is no telephone or electricity in the locality. Demonstrators seized the keys of vehicles that tried to go through the barricades. There was a tense situation in Saint-Medard and traffic resumed in the middle of the day after Intervention and Maintenance of Order Company, CIMO, policemen intervened to restore order.

9. [17] The National Rally of Democratic Forces, RANFO, headed by Jean Nazaire Thide, has drawn up a negative assessment of the current government. Thide says the government has caused more poverty in the country. He calls for a general mobilization against the Lavalas regime throughout the country. The following is an excerpt from his statements: "Once again, the Lavalas regime has clearly shown that it does not have vision, capability, morality, or ethics to continue to lead the country. RANFO says the people have had enough. Thide added: "There is only one watchword: mobilization. RANFO calls for mobilization everywhere without interruption in order to put an end to the system of generalized corruption."

11. [22] There was a tense situation yesterday morning at the Vehicle Traffic Service, SCV, where policemen and drivers demonstrated against SCV Director General Evens Saintune. Drivers complain that they are receiving tickets for no reason and new fees have been imposed on them. Saintune explained that there was no problem between him and SCV police officers but that a small group of racketeers have been unable to operate since he took office. Some people are being manipulative because they can no longer conduct crooked dealings, Saintune said.

12. [27] Robert Menard, executive director of Reporters Without Borders, RSF, will be in Haiti from 22 to 24 November on a fact-finding mission. Menard will meet with Haitian officials to discuss the Jean Dominique and Jean-Claude Louissaint murder investigation. He will talk to the authorities about his organization's concerns with the slowness of the parliamentary committee that is supposed to decide on lifting Senator Dany Toussaint's immunity.

16. [35] Report by Jeremie correspondent Rio Jean: Three young men from Port-au-Prince were killed in Abricot over the weekend on the pretext that they robbed the house of a Canadian citizen. If the zero tolerance policy is not revised, any citizen can be victimized at any time.

17. [37] Jean-Claude Bajeux, leader of the Ecumenical Centre for Human Rights, condemns the zero tolerance policy and warns the people against any form of summary justice. "//The president of the Republic, who has a pedagogic duty towards the entire country, should not allow himself to embark on such a theory. There is no question of the people doing justice themselves,//" Bajeux said.

18. [38] The Saint-Marc public high school was set on fire yesterday. The city delegate is accused of setting the school on fire because the principal refused to accept some children he wanted to register at the school.

19. [40] The Port-au-Prince Lawyers Association has expressed its dismay about the picture in the 16 November Le Nouvelliste showing prisoners completely naked, like the slaves that were transported for sale in the colonies. This spectacle happened at the National Penitentiary. The association protests the degrading treatment inflicted on the prisoners who were presented to the press without any clothes on. The association asks the authorities to take steps to prevent a recurrence of this nature.

20. [42] The Convention for Democratic Unity, KID, asks for the formation of a commission to investigate the riot at the National Penitentiary on 16 November. Alcide condemned the attitude of the Lavalas government: "I believe that it essential that a commission of national and international human rights officials be formed in order to investigate what happened at the National Penitentiary." Alcide added: "They say that five people died. However, many people say that more than 30 persons were killed at the penitentiary."

21. [44] Jean-Claude Bajeux said that what happened at the National Penitentiary is unacceptable. Such a picture reminds us of what used to happen in the slave ships, he said. His statements follow: "//Something that is not very understandable is that the mutiny started when somebody who was going to die slapped a guard.//" Bajeux said in reference to the newspaper picture of naked prisoners tied to one another: "//I find this picture completely unacceptable.//"

23. [52] Former employees of the city halls of Carrefour, Delmas, and Port-au-Prince complain that they have not yet received their salaries. They held a joint news conference to accuse the Ministries of Finance and Interior of using their salaries for their own purposes. They threaten to burn tires if the authorities do not take their case into consideration.

24. [54] Report by Kenson Jean-Louis: Ronald Camille, known as Ronald Cadavre, who is allegedly wanted by the police, denies involvement in the tense situation in Cap-Haitien last week. He explained that he did not go to the house of Bell Angelot in Cap-Haitien, and he rejected the accusation that he is a criminal who is killing people on behalf of the Lavalas regime. Cadavre denounced some sectors that always want to destroy his reputation by blaming him for everything that happens in the country. His brother Franco Cadavre said that if justice were working properly in Haiti, they would lodge complaints against those who are accusing them.

Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 20 Nov 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.