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9717: Re: 9714: Re: 9695: Karshan's response to corruption (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

I usually agree with Kevin Pina on the content of his
posts, but I take exception to the one he sent about

Pina writes:
> On the issue of corruption, it was announced
> yesterday that two members of 
> the General Directorate of Customs in Port au Prince
> were arrested after 
> more than 1,000,000 gourds in import taxes were
> discovered missing. In 
> addition, it was also announced that Depute Placide
> of the West department 
> was also arrested in connection with running a gang
> of kidnappers in Port au 
> Prince. 

For each arrest made, how many have not been made?
Also, unless Depute Placide's parliamentary immunity
was revoked today, I am not sure that he can be
arrested this fast. As of 11/22/01, I know FOR A FACT
that he was free and relaxing at his house ...
therefore something must have changed today. Can
someone please confirm that Depute Placide's immunity
has been lifted or revoked and that he has been
arrested? Mr. Pina, can you please let us know which
media reported the arrest? I still cannot confirm
that, and my souces at PNH are not aware that it

> Why is it I read so much about Lavalas
> corruption in the foreign 
> press but yet I not seen any mention these events.

Bizarre question! What do you mean by "mention of
these events"? Mentioned by whom? Where?

Why should corrupt officials broadcast their unlawful
or legal but unethical activities? As to where this
news comes out, you are actually more likely to see it
in local newspapers or to hear about it on local radio
stations. The foreign press that I read certainly does
not seem to care much about corruption in Haiti.

> Now I hear a lot of charges of corruption these
> days, most left
> uncorroborated or purposely explained in the most
> complicated of fashions 
> that one might be tempted to accept them through
> sheer exhaustion.

Then Mr. Pina, you should be able to refute these
allegations easily. It is never easy to document
corruption, espcially when those who practice it also
have the power to keep it hidden. However, in my
previous post, I have tried to provide as many details
as I am aware of. If this is convoluted or
unbelievable to you, then you surely can poke huge
holes in what I have posted. 

> of yesterday's arrests run completely contrary to
> such obfuscations as the 

There is no obfuscation intended on my part. However,
I believe that your extolling the arrest of one or two
underlings at DGI as a symbol of corruption-fighting
when it is an EXCEPTION, not the rule, smacks of

> message is quite simple, use the power of your
> office to embezzle state 
> funds or to run with hoodlums then you go to jail.

If you are right, then the list of people that should
be arrested is a VERY long one. Why so few arrests? I
would love to believe that the current administration
indeed intends to put into effect the message above. I
simply do not believe that it has the POLITICAL will
to do so at this point.
> I expect the usual smoke and mirrors teams to begin
> spinning in overtime.

I wish these were smoke and mirrors, but Mr. Pina, the
damage is all too real. If you do not want to face
reality, that is your prerogative. But don't ask the
people who are silently witnessing all this to stay
quiet for much longer.
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