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9722: Florestal's mansion:who signed for the state of Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Florestalís mansion, who signed for the state of Haiti

The state of Haiti had purchased a mansion for the
prime Minister I need some clarifications. Who had
signed for the State?  Where this money comes from? 
I had noted many times someone raises a question some
folks have tendency to link them either to the Lavalas
camp or the Convergence. Iím neither one, Iíve been
living out of Haiti since 1984 and expect to spend
many years where Iím right now, but I watch closely
all events that are taken place in my sweet home. Iím
a schoolteacher and I believe in hard work. I believe
it is a legitimate question and as a citizen of Haiti,
I deserve an answer.  Since the presidency as its own
website, it could have been a good idea to post the
receipt, time date and who signed for the state of
Haiti over the web, since we are talking about
transparency.  Who had established the contact? Why
this one? Could the state find a cheaper property? Why
this particular location? How many people were
involved? List the name of the people who had attended
the original discussion. I do not believe purchasing a
castle for 1.5 million dollars can take place in one
day. The state had to send people to appraise the
house, if it is really worth that much in that
particular neighborhood. When using the people money,
it is quite different when itís come from your pocket.
A detail explanation must be given. If the property
was illegally purchased Mr. Aristide and Mr. Florestal
will be forced to reimburse the state of Haiti 1.5
million.  Then they will be free to do whatever they
want with that property. Passing or transferring it to
the state will not solve the original. A lesson must
be given; an example must be made to deter others from
using illegally the people money.  

Joseph Alfred, Teacher
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081 

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