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9727: Re: 9722: Florestal's mansion:who signed for the state of Haiti (fwd)

From: Jacaranda40@cs.com

Hi Senou,according to the current administrative  practice in Haiti only the 
minister of finance can buy properties for the state or sell properties 
belonging to the state.If any other body or entity does that it is only from 
a delegation of that secretary of state.The "'sweet"haiti in your memory does 
not exist any longer and Senou , unfortunately ,may never see it again.This 
house has been bought under a provision earmarked in the budget and the 
balance of the total price paid for this house is still owed,unpaid  by the 
government.Mr Sean,well reputed notary in Port au Prince has still in hands 
property papers of this house.Do not make any mistake,the president of Haiti 
was well aware of each step of this transaction.Deep in his heart did he 
approve  this decision to acquire this house by Mr Cherestal for his sole 
use,this  is an other issue.To the next.