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9748: Corbett mounts a MASSIVE new art archive for Haitian art

>From Bob Corbett

Several years ago I had the idea to provide a service for scholars,
collectors and dealers in Haitian art.  Since I had a fairly massive
library of Haitian art materials in books, magazines and both
exhibition and sale catalogues, I wanted to index all the photographs
of Haitian art I could find.

I'm less than half way thought the works in my own library now,
but have already catalogued more than 5300 such photos from more
than 800 Haitian artists.  

I have just loaded the whole project up to my web site, including
a 168 item annotated bibliography of art books.

I have mounted the work in progress, even though it is probably less than
1/2 finished.  I figured it might be useful even in the unfinished

It may  be found at: 


There are three separate pieces to this current project:   

1.  A Basic list of more than 800 known Haitian Painters This growing and
working list names the artists and in many cases then refers on to
examples of the artists' work on line and in printed sources as well as
points to sources for bibliographic and other data. Recommended additions
to the list are most welcome. 

2. Index of 5300+ Haitian art works photographed and printed in books,
magazines and exhibition and auction catalogues. 

3.  Annotated Bibliography of 168 art books used in the indexing work

Let me know if you find it useful, and also, don't be bashful about
correcting mistakes and suggesting additions.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett