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9753: Re: 9744: Re: Durban Suggests Aid Project for USAID Consideration (fwd)

From: Jacaranda40@cs.com

It is not true that the list changes  from time to time.At the begining of 
the fiscal year,both haitian gouvernment(PL480 executive Secretary and his 
staff in Management office) and american government(USAID and his staff)meet 
to pick up the projects to be excutedfor the current year based on an 
official document signed by the Planning Minister and the american 
Ambassador.Once the projects are chosen the sectors involved in 
execution,start preparing the FIOP(Fich of Identification of Projects).Those 
Fiops once filled are sent to USAID for approval.Once approved,a letter of 
excution is prepared by  The Executive Secretary of The Program for 
concurence by USAID Director and the phase of excution starts after the first 
amount is disbursed to the project,up to the end which is  the final 
audit(Administrative and financial).It is possible to request the 2001 or 
2002 list of approved project financed by the Public Law 480.To the next