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9760: US AID (fwd)

From: "Caribbean Power S.A. Haiti" <carbpow@hotmail.com>

I'm sure members of this list are aware the USAID has a Haiti homepage. This 
will give all those questioning whether the US is giving any aid to Haiti a 
little information. If anyone has any questions as to how this money is 
being spent I highly recommend checking with the office of inspector general 
for AID at www.usaid.gov/oig/ and do a Haiti search. If you have questions 
there are addresses,telephone numbers even fax and email addresses on the 
Haiti page.If you run up on a major block in the US you can file a freedom 
of information request or contact your congressman or both. Do your homework 
well and if you run into problems then take all the information you've 
gathered to your national representatives and ask for further explanation. 
Haiti and the US both have senators. While the money may not be disbursed 
directly to the Haitien government believe me the elected officials of Haiti 
know if any US money is in their area. If one is truly interested in money 
to Haiti from the US the answers are there.You may or may not agree with the 
programs. Guess what current project that US AID funds receives the most 
money in Haiti currently and which is budgeted to receive the most over the 
next two years? Good luck to you.


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