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9757: Labor Unions Take a Stand on Tragic Events Occurring Every Day in Haiti (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Labor Unions Take a Stand on Tragic Events Occurring Every Day in Haiti
Published by p-flash, Tuesday, November 22, 2001 – 16 :10
In a press release dated November 21, 2001, Labor Unions in Haiti expressed
their concerns about tragic and regrettable events that, for some time, have
occurred every day throughout the country.
The last four cases:
- Killings at the National Penitentiary during the night of Thursday,
November 15, to Friday, November 16, 2001; 5 dead according to police
reports, but 114 according to other sources speaking to journalists;
- Assassination of three youth in Abricots, justified by the "Zero
Tolerance" policy, on November 18, 2001;
- Assassination attempt against the former President of the Senate, Edgar
Leblanc Jr., in Marigot, on November 18, 2001;
- Death of two currency traders from Port-de-Paix, followed by the robbery
of 84,000 U.S. dollars in their possession; amount to a compelling evidence
of the state of anarchy in the country.

The Labor Unions of Haiti call the attention of the regime in power to the
following facts:
1) Its constitutionality and legality have been challenged since the May 21,
2000 elections.
2) After 18 months of negotiations, the La Fanmi Lavas regime has not been
able to obtain even enough legitimacy to be fully accepted by the
International Community.
3) Even a legitimate, legal, and constitutional president does not have the
right, according to Article 20 of the 1987 Constitution, to recommend the
summary execution of citizens, since even in the case of a person convicted
by a court, the death penalty has been abolished.

Based on the foregoing reasons, the Labor Unions of Haiti categorically
condemn the fact that, on November 18, 2001, Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide had
the police officers swear to apply the "Zero Tolerance" policy.
The Labor Unions of Haiti demand that Mr. Aristide correct this mistake
immediately, because it is known to everyone that the "Zero Tolerance"
formula is a call for the summary execution of citizens without concern for
The November 15, 2001 deadline for a solution to the political crisis is now
The Labor Unions of Haiti call on the dynamic sectors of the Nation to join
in any effort to implement the rule of law, democracy, economic and social
progress in the country.
LONG LIVE TO HAITI, LONG LIVE TO DEMOCRAY! ends the statement of the Labor
Unions of Haiti.

This Press Release was signed by: Fignolé ST-CYR, CATH; Marc-Antoine DESTIN,