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9769: Life is nothing without honor and dignity (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Life is nothing without honor and dignity  
First you know who have access to the net regardless
of which country he/she live; in the US the mass is
still having difficulty to get connected. Their
children are exposed to it in school or public
library. In Haiti, the upper middle class and upper
class again some who come from unknown family may have
access like in the US because of school and library. 
Overall, the net population is an educated audience,
therefore, you should know what they will accept and
not. When you bring a comment on Haiti, you should
know that Haitians people are very loyalist and they
like Haiti with all their heart; they have hard time
to digest people who only denigrate the country. At
this particular moment, most of them are upset about
this current situation and most of them would to see a
A few days ago, I read a post about Thanksgiving in
the US and Haitians cannot feed themselves. It is not
news to anyone, but the author had focus only on Haiti
without talking about the American who cannot eat and
a large percentage of American are living in shelter.
I know many US kids who cannot go to public school
because they donít have a physical address. The
Homeless population in the US is more than the Haitian
population, close to 4 millions American cannot eat a
decent meal a day. It had appeared that some folks eat
only on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas, since we feed
the homeless for these two days. 
No doubt about that, Haiti is facing tough time I
believe progress will be made and Haitian children
will help the country to return to its feet.
Remember, I try to read most post between the lines
and draw my own conclusion, I do not accept anyone
whether Haitians or not to bash my country.
Circumstances had forced Haitians to leave their
country and may never return but they have an
everlasting for the country. If you plan to help them,
do it sincerely and with good faith, but if you are
going to help them and humiliate at the same, I will
tell you to help your poor American or Canadian or
French people instead.
A few ago, a Saudi prince had given a 10 million
dollars check to the Mayor of New York he had refused
not because he did want it but because that prince was
trying to justify the action of these terrorists

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