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9786: Global Exchange Urgent Action on Haiti w/ltr to Bush (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Global Exchange Urgent Action on Haiti

Urgent Action: 
Lift the aid moratorium against Haiti!
Please support the efforts by the Congressional Black Caucus to urge the Bush 
administration to lift the aid moratorium against Haiti. The Black Caucus has 
pointed to the "horrendous outcomes for the Western Hemisphere's poorest 
people" that continuing economic penalizations create in Haiti. 

Now it is a critical time for YOU to weigh in on this issue. You can: 

Write to President Bush, or call the White House to express your support for 
a meeting between the President and the Congressional Black Caucus. (For more 

Call your Congressional representatives and ask them to join this crucial 
push in Congress for a change in US policy towards Haiti. (For more 

Write to President Bush

Please copy, paste and send the following letter to president George W. Bush. 

President George Bush 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20500 
Dear Mr. President: 

I am writing to urge you to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, to 
discuss the current US foreign policy towards Haiti. I support the CBC's 
statement that states that "the current policy is contributing to the 
continued attrition of the quality of life of Haiti's people, which, if left 
unchanged could lead to horrendous outcomes for the western hemisphere's 
poorest people". The United States has the ability to provide humanitarian 
aid to the people of Haiti. In this time of crisis we must not apply a double 
standard to Haiti. Just as we have helped other countries during political 
transitions, we must also help Haiti. 

>From a humanitarian perspective it is irresponsible to impose an inflexible 
policy which conditions US relations and aid, entirely on a country's 
political process. In the past the US has allowed individual countries to 
work out their own political issues internally as long as all relevant 
parties are included in the process. Such is the case in Haiti which after 
years of dictatorial rule is an emerging democracy. The people of Haiti are 
suffering. Our current policy towards Haiti must be reviewed and changed to 
address the current state of economic devastation. In Haiti, AIDS and HIV are 
rising at alarming levels. The illiteracy rate remains at over 45%. In 
addition, the country's infrastructure is in shambles. Haiti has very few, if 
any, decent roads, very little potable water, and the fuel situation is 
catastrophic. The US should remove its blockade of aid to Haiti, particularly 
the loans currently held up at the Inter-American Development Bank. 

Your help is critical in bringing about this change. 

I ask you to meet with the Black Congressional Caucus to resolve this 
pressing issue in the very near future. I urge you contact either the office 
of Congressman Conyers or Congressman Hilliard to schedule this meeting. 

Thank you. 
Call your Congressional Representatives!

The toll free number for United States Congress is 1 800/393-1082. At the 
prompt enter your zip code and you will be connected to the office of your 

Ask them to end the aid embargo on Haiti. Economic penalities against Haiti 
have been in place since the disputed elections in May 2000. In an effort to 
resolve the conflict, the seven senators whose elections were contested have 
all resigned. 

Despite the resolution of this dispute, the United States continues to block 
over $500 million in international aid and loans to the Haitian government. 
This includes loans from the Inter-American Development Bank that on which 
Haiti has had to pay interest even without receiving these funds. This aid is 
intended for education, healthcare and infrastructure projects. 

Let your representatives know that you feel it is unconscionable to deny 
desperately needed aid to the poorest country in the hemisphere. 

You may also let them know that: 

The United States Must Stop Harboring Terrorists -- Return Toto Constant to 
Haiti. Emmanuel (Toto) Constant, leader of the notorious FRAPH paramilitary 
organization, has been lively freely in the US since 1996. FRAPH was 
responsible for the murders, tortures and rapes of thousands of Haitians. 
Constant was convicted in absentia for his role in the 1994 Raboteau massacre 
in a Haitian court in October 2000. Tell your representative that the US must 
end this hypocrisy and immediately deport Constant to Haiti to be held 
accountable for his crimes. 

For information, please contact any of the following: 

Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center (haiti@quixote.org ) 
The Haiti Action Committee at 510/483-7481 (haitiaction@yahoo.com ) 

Note:  If you do not wish to receive these emails, please notify me by email. 
 Thank you.