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9800: Reply to Slavin's Cell Phone Question (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

You probably meant "Comcel". Codetel is the major
Dominican telephone company.

In reply to your question, a couple of my relatives
from the US have tried, but each time Comcel ended up
screwing up their US set-up. So there is no guarantee
that your phone will work when you return to the US.
Maybe someone has had better luck with Haitel.

While we are on the subject of telephones, I am seeing
a much higher frequency of local (Haitian) numbers
flash up on my Caller ID (mostly with the 223 prefix)
when the calls originate from overseas. I guess that
the new Teleco executives are hard at work padding up
their "retirement plans" with call bypass arrangements
(the crime for which ACN was shut down a couple of
years ago). Yet another way for the government to lose
money and for Teleco to be screwed!

Pierre Jean

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