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From: "[iso-8859-1] Rémy Perrier" <remy.perrier@auf-francophonie.org>

Following the Meeting of the Council of the Socialist International
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 26-27 November 2001


Original: French

The Socialist International, alarmed by the deteriorating economic,
social and political situation in Haiti:

1. Condemns the violations of the rights of independent journalists,
members of civic organisations, political opposition, and members and
symphatisers whom are prohibited by the lavalas power from holding

2. Supports Haitian social democrats and their allies in their efforts
to establish a rule of law.

3. Laments the absence of democratic commitment on the part of the de
facto government. The renewal of international assistance should be
conditioned on the existence of a democratic atmosphere and a political
accord between the governing authorities and the Democratic Convergence.

4. Deplores the fact that until now the process of negotiation in Haiti
has not resulted in a political accord, despite the mediation of the
OAS. Such an accord is necessary to overcome the national crisis
stemming from the questionable elections of 2000.

5. Urges its member parties and like-minded parties to continue with
perseverance realistic negotiations with the objective of creating
conditions for addressing urgent problems, such as extreme poverty and

6. Supports the decision of its member parties to form, with other
like-minded parties, a broad social democratic movement capable of
helping the people of Haiti to realise their democratic aspirations and
bring about an economic and social transformation in their daily lives.