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9805: Wrong word (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Wrong word
At this moment there is a war of words between
Port-au-Prince and Washington, which can escalate if
the officials of both countries do not back down. A
long time ago during the Duvalier era, calling someone
“Kamoken” was a death sentence if that person were
caught, after the fall of the Duvalier regime, calling
someone a “Makout” could have put in jeopardy his/her
life. Now, I have seen high-level officials of the
government from both sides using the terrorist words
This is not the tone the leadership of Haiti should
use if the government is looking help from the Bush
administration. I urge the Haitian government to use
diplomacy instead of confrontation or accusation. In
accusing each other, what will happen if a group in
Haiti decided to attack American interest in Haiti,
this could spell trouble for us who are living a
peaceful life in the US? 
Everybody recognizes that we Haitians are hard working
people and peaceful neighbors; this gives us the
opportunity to make it in the system. Please do no
tarnish that image.
It is not easy today for our Arabs friends who are
living a peaceful life in this country. I urge the
Haitian leaders to act responsibly. 
The Haitian government claims that the international
community is responsible for the deterioration of the
country. Come on, the international community had
asked you to reconcile with your own people, to find a
political compromise then aid will resume. This is the
first time I saw someone in the needs dictates what
should be done. “Se sa ki bezwen ki maché monchè”
Unable to explain the purchase of 1.5 million dollars
mansion for the Prime Minister, close to ¾ of million
gourdes had vanished without a trace in the tax
collection administration, official cars are being
used to commit “Zenglendos” related crime, and now,
the people are demanding the departure of the
embattled prime minister which should come at any

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