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9815: Student seeks information

From: Rachel JM <sister_peace@hotmail.com>

[please answer Rachel directly at her address.  She is not a list
member and would not receive items sent to the list or to Corbett.]

My name is Rachel Jean-Marie and  am currently writing an undergraduate 
senior research paper.  If anyone could give me some information regarding 
the event described below, it would be greatly appreciated.

My paper is dedicated to researching an atrocity perpetuated against the 
Republic of Haiti by the United States, specifically the city of 
Philadelphia.  In 1986, the Khian Sea, a cargo ship owned by the Almagated 
Shipping Corporation, departed from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
carrying an estimate of 15,000 tons of toxic waste.  After two years of 
searching the Atlantic Ocean for a country to use as a dumpsite for the 
hazardous waste, the Khian Sea approached the Haitian government presenting 
the waste as fertilizer.  The Khian Sea received permission to import the 
“fertilizer” and to dump it on a beach in Gonaïves, Haiti.  Upon discovering 
the truth the officials of Haiti ordered the Khian Sea to reload and deport 
from the island.  Despite the demands of these Haitian officials, the 
shipmates of the Khian Sea proceeded to dump 4,000 tons of the toxic waste 
onto the island and fled from the country.  The waste was not removed until 
April 2000.

I am looking for information on the effects upon the people, land, trades / 
businesses in Gonaïves, Haiti.  I would also like to know if this is still a 
prevalent issue in Haiti.  I haven't found any books dedicated to the 
research of this event.  If anyone knows of an organization in Gonaïves that 
I can contact regarding this event, it would also be greatly appreciated.  I 
know that Haiti Collective for the Protection of the Environment Alternative 
Development (COHPEDA) was very much involved in the efforts to return the 
waste back to the US.  If anyone has a contact number or email for this 
organization, please foward it to me.

Thank you for your time.

Rachel Jean-Marie

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