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9819: RE: 9800: Reply to Slavin's Cell Phone Question (fwd)

From: Joel Dreyfuss <joel.dreyfuss@verizon.net>

A little additional information about cell phones; many cell phones that are
Haiti-compatible can be set up for two different phone systems. In some
cell-phone manuals you will find instructions for setting up an additional
"profiles" or "non-home service" or for system "A and B". If the  Haiti
service techs are careful, they can set your phone up with the unused
option, usually B or alternate. You can then switch back to the home profile
or A system when you come back to the U.S.; this is useful for someone going
back and forth to Haiti. If you phone runs on a SIM card (a smart card that
goes inside the phone, you may be able to switch SIM cards for each system.
Unfortunately, there is no single way, or even a single definition of how to
do this.

-Joel Dreyfuss