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9838: info request evangelical health services in Petionville (fwd)

From: Rachel Neild <RNeild@wola.org>

[Please reply directly to the address above this line]

Does anyone on the list know either the Mission Evangelique Internationale
or the Oeuvre de Bienfaisance et de Develpopement Communitaire?  They work
in Petionville providing health serives to the neighborhoods Etang de Jonc,
Bellevue la Montagne, Uax Cadet and Mont Mare Roseaux, and refer clients to
the Calebasse Center and Monsanto Petit Health Center.  AID funded. 

Specifically, I would like a sense of whether they are generally honest and
well-intentioned, and what their relations with the local community might be
like.  Is their evangelism a serious impediment to people going to get
services?  And if anyone knows what kind of relation they might have with
local community or popular groups also, that would be great. 

Given the specificity here, replies to rneild@wola.org or mcmoses@erols.com
would be much appreciated, unless we want to start a discussion of
evangelical service delivery in the absence of  aid via the government!

Many thanks for any insights that list members can offer.