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9859: RE: 9846: BBC: Haiti: Signal FM radio team reacts to journalist' s murder: "Enough is enough" (fwd)

From: "Walton, Robert" <waltonr@emh1.ftmeade.army.mil>

There seems to be no end to the unpunished murders and oppression of those
who oppose Arisistide & family.  The message media is getting from the
"thugs who support the saint" is--  "if you oppose Aristide & family, we'll
kill you and we've got the political backing to go unpunished."   The thugs
political and financial well-being are tied to a power base within Lavalas
which cannot rid itself of them.  Aristide, the legislature and the courts
seem impotent in this matter. IMHO, the mayhem won't cease until someone who
owns a rifle removes the thugs who enrich themselves in Aristides' shadow.  


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From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

 Haiti: Signal FM radio team reacts to journalist's murder: "Enough is
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Dec 4, 2001

The management and entire team of Signal FM have reacted to this action [the
murder of journalist Brignol Lindor] because Lindor is a former Signal FM
correspondent. We are going to listen to the reaction of the Signal FM staff
and [Signal FM Director-General and owner] Anne-Marie Issa:
[Issa - recording] //The Board of Directors of Signal FM, the
director-general's office, the news director's office and the entire staff
of Signal FM protest vigorously about the horrible murder of Lindor, the
news director at Radio Echo 2000 in Petit-Goave and a former Signal FM
colleague. Lindor's passage at Signal was marked by his integrity and
//The death of Lindor, who was murdered, slaughtered and lynched under the
conditions that we all know about, cannot and must not remain unpunished. We
protest vigorously and say that it is time for this to end. The press did
not fight for decades in order to end up in this anarchy, in these savage,
barbarous and horrible acts. Enough!//
//Yes, we say in chorus: Enough is enough. The press must be able to work
freely and safely. We say we have had enough of impunity and barbarism.
Lindor, this martyr of free speech, will remain in our memories for a long
time. To all his friends, his family, our Radio Echo 2000 colleagues, and
the free press we say:// Remain steadfast.
Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 4 Dec 01
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.