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9889: Re: 9876: Poincy comments on Evans Paul's call for Aristide's departure (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

While the opposition, Convergence, is calling for the
departure of the current government, they do nothing
to show that they are the alternative. I strongly
believe that they would be no different from
Lavalasse. They have the same political mentality. 

It is not sufficiant to call for a general
mobilization because the first year of a government is
idle and seems to be a failure. Things happen. The
current government has a five year mandate; they must
respect that if they want to go by the book. 

Going that route shows that they have no respect for a
political system. I have no problem with a general
mobilization, but it must be done for the right cause.
What do they have to show they can do better?

They have nothing and have done nothing tangible.
Every single one of them is engaged in personal
politics: "if it's not me, it can't be someone else".
When presenting to them some kind of actions they
could take independently to help their constituencies
better themselves, their favorite reply: "I have no
legal authority to do so...it's the government's job".

I know some of you folks on the list who are not
Ayitians and have no legal authority to do things for
the Ayitian people, take it upon yourselves to do
things, simple things to help. Why can't they do the
same as privates on a samll scale and ignore what the
government is doing? If they seem to do something,
they do it as a well to drain their personal

If Ayitians know better, they should ask why
mobilizing first and demand of them what they are
offering that will be different. In a place like Ayiti
today, anything can happen. A strong group that feels
the current government is no good, if it means good,
can create a system that can work like a government
very much independent from the current government, by
having its own means of security, school system, form
of economic activities etc. 

That is like creating a state within a state, but that
would not be so, because it would comply to the laws
of the land. Things could be done in such a way not to
create concerns for the current government. Is the
opposition at that level yet? I don't know. Reading
this kind of diatribes coming from Evans Paul, it
shows that they have a very empty political baggage;
they are running out of steam.

If I were Aristide, I would bring dictatorship in full
force, keep them out, control the population wrong
doings, put in place a rigid system to make the
government works as a serious government must. Does
Aristide know how to do that? I don't know. 

For Aristide would have to stop begging, ignore the
international communities' reaction, surround himself
with competent people, get to work  and do what he
sees to be best. He would find out that the country
does not need international finance to get its economy

International financial assistance is just an economic
development myth. Not realizing that, insisting on
having it or blaming rich countries and financial
institutions for their misery makes me wonder on the
ability of such a government to administer a society. 

Definitely, democracy is the virus in Ayiti, all it
does is to spring destructive oppositions and brings
the people to live in a very state of nature.   

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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