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9902: Re: 9898: E-Letter fr St Marc (fwd)

From: mich <mich@haitimed.org>

>From Michelle Jean-Pierre < mich@haitimed.org >

It is good to have cyber cafés in Haiti. It is a good way to start. However,
the ultimate goal would be to make internet access available to everyone. I
am not sure if more than 2 to 5 % of the haitian population would be able to
spend HT$10 or HT$20 for cyber café fees once a week...

The World Wide Web is a "vast library" - hence free web access availability
in most public libraries in the US. The best course for the expansion of
internet in Haiti would be to have free  internet access in public municipal
libraries in Haiti.

Is that a priority ?
Can the budget of Haiti support these expenses ?

I do not have an answer to these questions.

Please comment

Michelle Jean-Pierre