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9921: Re: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban spokesman ? (fwd)

From: Viter Juste <v.juste@worldnet.att.net>

I read many of your articles and most of the time I found them very
interesting and well balanced. But for that one I intend to believe  you
have been misinformed because when you hear one bell you hear one sound.
Idont know what a taliban sounds like but I am sure the sound of Radio
Metropole must not to far from a taliban because his reports show always a
lack of balance. Radio Metropole in its news reports has never show any
balance. This is why they sound most like propaganda than information.
Think about this. Radio Metropole has not said one word about an other
victim who happens to be a Lavalasse follower. He is now hospitalized at
Petit-Goave hospital with machette wounds inflicted on him by Convergence
followers in presence of Louidor a few days before.
Probably the infortunate Mr.Louidor as Journalist may be had his reasons not
to report the facts there for by the rules of journalism he is not a
journalist but an agent of propaganda . I dont know and dont want to be a
judge. Any way may his soul rests in peace and the other victim of the other
sympathetic mob recovers as soon as possible.

                                                                Viter Juste