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9931: Toto Constant and the FRAPH papers (fwd)

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

In answer to post 9915 and comments by Fr. Michael Graves (archim) 

Michelle Karshan posted a few weeks ago on this list that the FRAPH papers 
removed from Haiti by the US army were obtained by the Haitian government 
from the US authorities. 

What version of those documents that were obtained by Haiti remains a 
mystery. Is it the version with the names of any American deleted or is it 
the full version with names of all foreigners listed. 

In any case surely the names of Haitians, such as Raoul Cedras, Michel 
Francois, Sonson Elysee at the very least must be listed in those documents 
together with evidence to prosecute and perhaps convict those Haitians who 
have participated and/or supported the coup d'etat against Aristide. 

So if the Lavalas regime has dossiers against those Haitian culprits why does 
it not go after them in a court of law. Why wait for Convergence to mobolize 
against any of those criminals. 

Lavalas should want nothing else but to open the secret dossiers pertaining 
to those men. Is Lavalas afraid to do some rooting out of those people still 
living in Haiti? What gives?