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9950: Re: 9946: Re: 9937: The tension is still high in Petit-Goave-comments (fwd)

From: "Fr. Michael Graves" <harchim@yahoo.com>

Re:9946/9937 - Tension in Petit-Goave
    As another in the journalism field (and for a
long, long time), I believe it to be imperative that
the journalists reporting and commenting on the recent
events in Petit-Goave should first get their stoies
right and check on the background and the events which
developed into a deplorable and sickening murder. The
USA is out to get Osama bin Laden "dead or alive", and
they are actually trying as hard as possible to "get
him dead". Why? Because he masterminded and applauded
some terribly horrible/heinous activities which need
to be stopped and the perpetrator(s) punished.
   This is not too different from the attrocities in
Petit-Goave. Lindor's death was horrible, wrong,
criminal, but I think responsible journalists have an
obligation to look more deeply into what provoked that
unconscionable act. Don't take what the opposition
would like you to believe; look at the whole picture.
That's what shows the difference between a journalist
and a reporter! 
   Again:: when is the oppposition going to begin to
call for the extradition of Emmanuel Constant, and (to
agree with Pierre Jean) all those others who have
commmitted terrible crimes against Haiti and the
Haitien people? (Cedras, Michel Francois,
Elysee, et. al)


--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: Jetphire@aol.com
> As someone who is in the journalism field, I feel
> outraged at the events in 
> Petit Goave. 
> A Question: Aren't democratic societies supposed to
> be allowed to challenge 
> and question ANY political parties? It seems in
> Haiti that both Lavalas and 
> the Convergence condemn the killing of Lindor, yet
> they blame each other AND 
> also want to get rid of each other. Isn't the idea
> supposed to be that we all 
> learn to live WITH each other not just erase those
> we don't agree with? It's 
> like a never ending cycle and the following seems to
> ensure the cycle 
> continues. It boggles the mind. Haitian leadership
> from ALL political 
> parties, it seems, needs to set some standards.
> << While journalists mourn the death of their
> colleague Lindor, some
> Lavalas deputies are attacking the press >>
> <<The Democratic Convergence calls for the departure
> of the Lavalas
> regime because of the assassination of Brignol
> Lindor.>>

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