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9963: New book on Haiti. (fwd)

From: Nina Schiller <schiller@eth.mpg.de>

Dear Bob,

The members of your list might be interested in the book on the
relationship between the Haitian diaspora and Haitians in Haiti that
Georges Fouron and I just published. Karen McCarthy Brown said of the
book. Nina Glick Schiller and Georges Eugene Fouron do a masterful job
of describing the full spectrum of factors shaping the experience of
migration, raging from utopian drams of the home country to the hard
reality that some states are only apparent states. This is a work of
inspired ethnographic research, stunning scholarship, and creative grace
and energy."

The book is called, Georges Woke Up Laughing: Long Distance Nationalism
and the Search for Home. It is published by Duke University Press, 2001.