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9985: Haiti Trade Mission 2002 (Mar 1st-4th) (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Details can be found by
clicking on the Caribbean Beach scene on the homepage of our


Price is $795 single or $595 per person (based on double
occupancy), a price which aims to cover costs.  It is a weekend
geared for people and companies with products to be built in
Haiti.  Our company is primarily into electronic components,
although this year we will be offering a sewing plant tour as
part of the package.

Participants have to get themselves to Miami airport on Friday
afternoon (March 1st).  We then provide:
  1. Local transport to/from our Miami warehouse/office
  2. Dinner/hotel Friday night in Miami
  3. Early morning (AA) flight on Saturday to Port-au-Prince
  4. Plant tour, buffet lunch Sat. PAP airport industrial area.
  5. Transport to beach Saturday PM, top quality beach hotel.
  6. Sunday Morning Conference on investment in Haiti with 
         three keynote speakers.
  7. All meals at beach, Sunday night at beach hotel, breakfast
         and lunch on Monday with transport back to PAP airport.
  8. Late Monday afternoon (AA) flight back to Miami.
That's 4 days, 3 nights and the price above includes pretty much
everything EXCEPT for the PAP airport departure tax (US$ 30).

Any Corbetters with questions can call or e-mail me directly.

Thanks and regards,
Lance Durban
Phone  :   (305) 953-6591
Alt Tel:   (305) 888-2800 (ask for Muriel on ext 103)
E-mail :   <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

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