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9987: State Dept statement and BBC transcript of Metropole (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Contrary to the post of the BBC transcript of a Radio Metropole broadcast 
which said that the State Department had said that Aristide had made NO 
progress on the 8-points, here is what the State Department really said:

"We also informed the Haitian ministers that the Government of Haiti has not 
made sufficient progress in implementing President Aristide’s eight-point 
commitment to resolve flawed elections, improve counternarcotics cooperation, 
strengthen democracy, address security and migration issues, and improve 
respect for human rights."

This brings me to the subject of BBC.  I know Charles Arthur had strongly 
encouraged them to be more balanced and encourged them to also include  
transcripts of Radio Haiti Inter but I rarely if ever see those anymore.  
Clearly the BBC transcript I cite here does not accurately reflect the State 
Department statements and is grossly misleading. I wonder why BBC has made 
the choices it has made.