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10,000 messages.

Well, we're reached a milestone.  10,000 messages.
The list opened in either 1994 or 1995, I can't really
recall the exact time.  I ran the list from various
e-mail addresses until Aug. 19, 1999 when I switched
over to the majordomo program of Webster University.

It was at that time that I began to number the posts.
Today I just sent out post number 10,000 since that
date of Aug. 19, 1999.  I have no idea in the world
how many posts there were between the beginning and
the switch over date to Webster U.  I didn't number
those posts.

It was on May 22, 2001 that post number 9,000 went
out, just under 7 months.

The 10,000 Webster U. posts are SAVED.  But, there
is no available archive and the web master tells
me straight up that he is very busy and that getting
an archive for us is just not a very high priority
for him.  I had pleaded for him to get it up in
'time for this 10,000 post mark, but he says not
yet, perhaps over the holiday break.  We'll see,
I've been disappointed before.

Bob Corbett