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a5: Re: a2: Haiti-Palace Shooting; Saint-Vil asks what is the U.S. position (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Dear Mr. Dreyfuss,

Not only did the Convergence not condemn the coup. As, far as I can see from 
the news clips, neither did their masters. I still haven't read a 
condemnation of this barbaric act from any U.S., Canadian, German or French 
official. These same protectors of human rights who always jump up when 
their protégés are victimized.

Are they with the Haitian people or are they with the terrorists. We need to 
hear it now...even if it comes late and is hypocritical as always. A Haitian 
life is not a dog's life!

Besides looking out for the necks of American citizens in Haiti, what is Mr. 
Brian Dean Curran's response to the terrorist attack on Haiti?

btw: Although, we don't always agree Mambo racine, I do appreciate your 
words of support for the sanctity of haitian life. At least we must agree on 
such basic principles of our humanity.

Peace and RESPECT !!


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