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a8: About this coup . . . (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

I'm very confused about this whole alleged coup d'etat attempt.  Maybe the folks on the list can enlighten me . . .

1)  How is it that the "rebels" were the only people in all Haiti who didn't know Aristide never sleeps at the palace?

2)  How is it that the "rebels" had fresh, crisp FAD'H uniforms?  Most of the old army guys burned theirs when they went into hiding back in 1994.  When the former soldiers had their little march in favor of restoring the army, it would have been appropriate to wear their old uniforms then.  They didn't.  As far as I know Only the government, which inherited the old FAD'H warehouses, has any kind of supply of them.

3)  How is it that the government 9which can't seem to figure out who killed Jean Dominique) already "knows" coup that the directed from abroad by Guy Phillipe?  And why is it that even though the government says it was organized by someone with no known ties to convergence, the Lavalas rank and file are torching Convergence people and property while the police stand by and watch?

4)      Isn't it fascinating that this "coup" just happened to occur at the precise moment when Convergence has finally gathered enough support to organize meaningful anti-government protests and government spokesmen (and knee jerk sycophants) have co-opted the word "terrorism" to describe everything except their own crimes?

5)      Just why the heck did Guy Paul feel the need to declare "This was not a staged event." 24 hours BEFORE the first press reports of anyone questioning whether the coup was genuine?