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a29: staged coup attempt ? (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

This "coup Attempt" seems to have been poorly staged by LAVALAS itself.

1.-It does not seem logic to me that a "commando" who fail at the "Penitencier National" (National Jail) would then dare to attack the National Palace.

2.- Why is it that the offices and residences of members of the "Convergence Democratique" were burned when Lavalas officials claim that the coup was headed by Guy Philippe, former Police Chief ?

3.- Why is it that Guy Philippe apparently gave the same day an interview to a local radio station in Miami ?

It just does not add up.

I am more and more suspicious of that vicious regime and I now anticipate that it has all the characteristics of a repressive dictatorship under the cover of an elected government.

I thought that Aristide could have been the one to bring all factions to the table. However, his methods are more an more suspicious...Grassroot activists who have fought but "survived" Duvalier's Makoutes are now victims of LAVALAS. What an irony !

If this coup was set up by the Convergence, this is also sad...

Really, Haiti is NOT lucky !

Paul Louissaint.

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