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a39: Re: a24: Haitian faces 19th century racism today...(Saint-Vil (fwd)

From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>


On my behalf, my suspecting the government wasn't based on racial
descrimination, but on the fact that I really don't have a clear picture
who is who in this whole political situation.     I don't know who to
believe because there are so many different opinions and movements.    I
question everybody's motives and everybody's opinions.    

As far as your statement about the Sept 11th attacks, there are many
who believe, even now, that they were a govt ploy.   I think that it's
the nature of man to doubt those who are in power.   We've probably all
seen one too many movies where the bad guy ends up being the good guy
and vice versa.    

So to summarize, my suspicions aren't based on race, but rather on
ignorance.   Does ANYBODY know the real story?   I doubt it. 

Matt Ray
Healing Hands for Haiti