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a42: Re: a29: staged coup attempt ? (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< This "coup Attempt" seems to have been poorly staged by LAVALAS itself.>>

Oh, puh-LEASE.  That is like Osama bin Laden saying that the attacks on the 
World Trade Center and the Pentagon were secretly staged by the international 
Jewish community in order to garner sympathy.  And just as some people with 
pre-determined political affilliations were willing to believe that, 
undoubtedly you and Olivier Nadal will believe that this pitiful mini-coup 
was staged by the Lavalas administration.
 <<1.-It does not seem logic to me that a "commando" who fail at the 
"Penitencier National" (National Jail) would then dare to attack the National 

Of course it makes sense - they were trying to spring the people they thought 
would be likely to join their ranks, who were already habituated to violence 
and atrocities;  i.e. former Colonel Cenafils Castera and the other people in 
prison for politically motivated human rights violations.  Some of these good 
old boys still have their little cadres.
<< 2.- Why is it that the offices and residences of members of the 
"Convergence Democratique" were burned when Lavalas officials claim that the 
coup was headed by Guy Philippe, former Police Chief ?>>

Because the Haitian people are not stupid, and know who is behind all this.
<< 3.- Why is it that Guy Philippe apparently gave the same day an interview 
to a local radio station in Miami ?>>

Because he is not stupid either.  This man was accused by eyewitnesses of 
killing "Jimmy Poteau" on the Port-au-Prince wharf, which preceded by one day 
the Cite Soleil massacre of, umm... May, 1995 I think.  I was in Cite Soleil, 
I videotaped the killings.  Guess who was hanging out at the HNP's Inspector 
General's office in Pacot when I went up there with the tape?  Why, Guy 
Philippe, of course.

He was also present when Manno Charlemagne's armed men shot at demonstrators 
outside the Mairie, accidentally wounding his own chief of security.  
Apparently it was he who gave the order to fire on the crowd.  This guy is 
mixed up in so much evildoing, it's remarkable.  And at one time he was 
supposed to head a "municipal police force" for Port-au-Prince, to be funded 
by USAID, but he became unpalatable to them.

The more you know, the worse it looks.
 <<It just does not add up. >>

Oh yes it does.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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