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a52: RE: a28: Staged Coup attempt ? (forwarded for anonymous posting) (fwd)

Bob, a friend in Haiti wrote this, forwarded the following in Kreyol and
asked me to translate it to English. He asked that it be posted anonymously
on Corbett. This translation is quick and dirty. Any corrections are
welcome. Two words I'm not sure of: rechanj and jaret.

This coup d'etat started with an attack on the National Penitentiary, it
didn't work; it ended up at the National Palace.. it didn't work.

Those guys had new clothes, big weapons, they had jeep pickups, but they
didn't have money to buy a radio for communications, so they went to the
Palace to steal one so they could let Aristide know they were coming at his

The Chief said there were 80 of them, but the only witness was a dead man.
While 3 to 4 aides were shot, only one person died. This reminds me of "The
gang that couldn't shoot straight."

They were surrounded but they got away anyway, they escaped, invisible. 80
men in 2 VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing)pick-ups, able to take the
vines(woods), you have to be an artist to imagine that.

You know Port-au-Prince, you need to escape to Santo Domingo, you leave the
St. Martin road to go to the airport, you take the road to Croix des
Bouquets.. no, if you want to be fancy, you climb to Petionville,  take the
road to Freres to go to Tabar to see your Father and say good day.

They were waiting for you, they blocked the road, they opened fire on you,
you went through anyway, you didn't take any bullets after you became
invisible in the Palace.

You hid your arms in a hole in Morne Cabrit ; they got their scent, they
found them.
You turned into angels and crossed the frontier; only God saw you.

I call that a cardboard coup d'etat.


Cou deta-a comanse nan atake Penitansye Nasyonal, li pa mache, lal fini nan
Pale Nasyonal,...li pa mache.

Neg yo gen rechanj nef, gwo zam, yo gen pick-ups-jeep, men yo pat gen kob
pou yo achte radyo cominikasyon, y'al vole sa nan Pale yo pou yo te ka fe
Aristid konnen ke yo vin lan jaret li.

Chef di se 80 ,  epi sel temwen-an, se youn mo. Pandan 3 a 4 ed tan tire,
youn sel moun mouri. Sa fem sonje" The gang that should not shoot straight".

Yo senen yo, men yo soti kan menm, yo sove,....invizib. 80 neg nan 2
pick-up/VTOL(a decollage vertical), ka'p pran lyann, fok ou se atis sel, pou
imajine sa.

Ou konen Potoprins, ou bezwen chape poul-ou pou al Sto Domingo, ou kite wout
Sen Maten pou vide ko'w aewopo, pran wout Kwa de Bouke, ...non, ou brode, ou
monte Petyonvil, pran wout Fre, w'al Tabar pou al we Papa-w,...pou di'l

Yo ta'p tann ou , yo bare wout la , ouvri zam sou ou, ou pase kan menm, ou
pa pran bal apre ke ou invizib nan Pale.

Ou sere zam ou Mon Kabrit nan youn twou, yo pran sant yo ,yo jwenn yo.

Ou tounen zanj ou pase frontye, Bon Dye sel ki we'w.

Mwen menm mwen rhele sa youn cou deta an katon.