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a60: A message received from Gonaives (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

Dear fellow list members:
     I recived the email (reproduced below the breaker line) from a friend, 
who is a pastor in the Gonaives area, this morning.  My efforts to reach any 
of my associates in the area via phone have proved fruitless.  I am wondering 
if any of you are active or associated with this area and can give me more 
detailed information.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


I was outside Monday morning in fron of my house when some one stoped and 
warned all of us to go inside for the mob is coming and they are after 
pastors. I went in and locked the gate.  Five minutes later,All we could hear 
was shooting. Two days before guns were distributed by the Mayor and a 
"Chimere" called Cubain who is known as a criminal by all. There were 
children, men and women. This was done nationwide.God spared Dr Luc for he 
was home that day with his family. Aristide asked these people to go out and 
executed his order which is to burn the house and every thing belonging to 
the Convergence members throughout the country. He congratulate them for what 
they did. There was no coup attempt. Not at all. Now they ( two deputies and 
Aristide himself) accuse the US Ambassador as the author of the coup. It 
seems the Man from OAS who made 16 trips to solve the problem is in favor of 
Aristide.I hope now he gets his eyes opened to the fact that Aristide doest 
not any negotiation. Ermithe laid flat on her belly for she cannot chew all 
these.  Pastor Sylvio's house and school was burned.  Pastor Luc's four 
vehicles were burned as well as house and two of his security guards.Aristide 
still asks the paid crowd to continue to act against his enemies.