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a54: Re: a52: RE: a28: Staged Coup attempt ? (forwarded for anonymous posting) (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

I am glad to notice that other people can easily come to the same conclusion.
Why is it that after these coup we never have a coherent briefing by an official ?

Why is it that these "coup" or "plot" are never fully investigated ? [e.g: Where is Dr Blondel Auguste who was accused of having grenades and bombs to blow up the Misitry of Health in Haiti after he was arrested ?]

We hope to have an OFFICIAL report with the sequence of events, names etc...[all we have so far are reports from independent journalists and contradictory press releses by officials]

Otherwise, the confusion around this "coup attempt" will remain suspicious and a free thinker will always consider the option that it was STAGED.


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