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a74: Re: a51: Dorce to Chamberlain (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/19/2001 12:04:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, Greg 
Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com writes:

<< The French "demander" here should've been translated as "ask" (a very
 common  "faux ami" error).  >>
I am not surprised.  "Demand "was way too strong and paternalistic, even for 
But what is this "no moral authority" nonsense?  Are we not all in an
"international community" (however uneven or unjust) ?  The idea that 
everything must be given and nothing asked/demanded -- is this not, yet 
again, insulting Haitians by saying they need have no responsibility for 
anything? (by not being asked to do things as a responsible state and 
country).  That they should in effect just be beggars?  
You got all that from my little criticism???  You are a journalist?  You are 
making my point for me, Mr. Chamberlain.  I don't consider what I said to be 
nonsense.  What I mean is that countries that live in glass houses shouldn't 
throw stones.  I mean that the superpower of the world (not France......the 
USA) can't get a decent/legal election on the books yet they have the gall to 
overreact to Haiti's very credible effort.  And then punish this little 
country for electing someone other than their choice: Bazin.  Does France 
tell the US that they demand that the presidential election be held again 
because they didn't do it right the first time?  I am not insulting Haitians, 
I am insulting nearly everyone else who stands in judgment of her.  I wish 
you were as vehement about holding minority class Haitians to the same 
standards as you do the masses.  They should not have to be beggars but that 
is what the US and the international community would have them do.  I am 
against this paternal, insulting, degrading treatment of a people who deserve 
a break.  You know what?  I believe if tomorrow all the moneyed Haitians in 
Haiti fell into the ocean (in some kind of ironic, karmic, boat people kind 
of catastrophe), Haiti would be just fine, maybe for the first time in her 
history!  Of course we would lose some good ones, but we are used to 
accepting collateral damage.....
<<If Kathy's idea is accepted, it means no non-Haitian has the "moral
authority" to say Lavalas is corrupt and "demand/ask" that this stop before 
more money is handed over (to be stolen at once by 'grands mangeurs.'  Or the 
"moral authority" to say the  Convergence is a joke coalition and 
"demand/ask" that they sort themselves out and make themselves attractive and 
able enough to be chosen to serve their long-suffering compatriots.>>
Is that what the non-Haitian is demanding/asking of the convergence? I think 
this is not what you say it is.......and I suspect that you know it and may 
have some reason to sell your spin.  I think the world is being sold a bill 
of goods on Aristide.  I think Haitians did what they were asked to do and 
they got nothing but grief from the "International Community."  I think if 
the world was serious about supporting democracy they would sit back and wait 
and see what Aristide does with his damn five years just like I have to 
suffer through my damn four years with that ignorant moron in the White 
House!  Give the man his term and then vote for your guy when the time comes! 
 This Republican obsession with winning AT ALL COST is ruining the WORLD.  
The ends do not justify the means, folks.  Let democracy work.  (I say this 
with full awareness that the US government doesn't really support democracy 
in Haiti or at home or anywhere.)  But they give it lip service, and until we 
have our last rights (pun intended) taken from us in the name of national 
security, we still have power to make our elected officials sit up and take 
notice.  We need to tell them to leave Haiti to their democracy and stop 
supporting the convergence in the name of needing a viable opposition!  What 
rot.  They never cared that Duvalier sucked that money down and never gave a 
bit of it to the country.......why the moral high ground now???  WE HAVE NO 
MORAL AUTHORITY to look down on HAITI...........we should be ashamed of 
ourselves for our part in much of the world's misery. 

Kathy Dorce