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a70: Re: a39: Dorce to Matt Ray on St. Vil.....gee! (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/18/2001 11:52:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, Matt Ray 

<< On my behalf, my suspecting the government wasn't based on racial
 descrimination, but on the fact that I really don't have a clear picture
 who is who in this whole political situation.     I don't know who to
 believe because there are so many different opinions and movements.    I
 question everybody's motives and everybody's opinions.     >>

If one is confused and doesn't know who to believe, then perhaps it is best 
not to offer guesses as to what exactly happened.  It might be wise to wait 
and see what develops before giving rise to rumors that somehow become public 
knowledge as the truth.  It is enough to say things are not always what they 
seem (and in Haiti, almost never!).  So we wait and see.  If they would let 
Aristide serve his term without being hamstrung, then I wouldn't mind if they 
try to sway public opinion against him.  But this is diabolical.  And you as 
a man of God should know about persecution of the innocent......Someone's 
birthday is coming up this month who was persecuted by a powerful government 
in hopes that He would lose His influence with the people.......and we know 
what happened to Him......

(I am begging the list not to write to me telling me that I compared Aristide 
to Jesus........I am just making a point, please.)

Kathy Dorce~