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a78: RE: a65: Dec. 17: Miami Herald article (fwd)

From: Amy Wilentz <amywilentz@nyc.rr.com>

Note to the list from a journalist.

A person may well be in deep hiding and still accessible to the media.
He or she will contact the media through an intermediary, be at an
appointed place at an appointed time, and then move on. I certainly
interviewed Aristide himself on several occasions when he was in hiding.

Hiding is usually mobile, not stationary. Like Osama bin Laden, a person
is on the move constantly when in hiding. Remember Salman Rushdie,
subject of the Ayatollah's infamous fatwa, was in hiding and at the same
time one of the most interviewed people in the world. He went to dinner
parties in London, and was still in very deep and real hiding.

--Amy Wilentz