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a83: A message from Ron Voss (fwd)

From: Wjc1mbc2@aol.com

Ron Voss from Visitation House in PAP sent an email to Bp Gumbleton in 
Detroit about the coup attempt. Part of his message reads......."Very early 
in the morning (around 2:00 am) on December 17, 2001 armed gunmen, who were 
not dressed as troops, shot at the home of President Jean Bertrand Aristide.  
Although the gunmen did not try to invade the home of the President, they did 
open fire while he was home with his wife Mildred and family.  The President 
and his family were scared, unharmed then taken to safety by the Haitian 
police. ..........."

I've not seen any reports of this aspect of the events of 12-17 on the list.  
Does anyone know anything more??

Bill Carry