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a85: Re: a21: You call that a coup attempt? (fwd)

FROM: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

All was there to be filmed and seen. The bodies of the men killed within the 
palace, dead policemen, the building riddled with bullet holes, the broken 
photos of Aristide and files they tried to take with them strewn everywhere. 
This would be difficult to stage even by Hollywood standards.

Several journalists have been following the activities of former Haitian 
military and FRAPH in the Dominican Republic since the last incident on July 
28. It is clear they are receiving financial and logistical support from 
certain factions within the Dominican military. Journalists have confirmed 
this from direct sources within the Dominican government and political 
organizations in the country. Many have called to say it is no accident that 
not everyone involved this past Monday have been caught while thousands of 
Dominican troops sit on the border with the stated purpose of "blocking" 
their escape. We shall see.

Putting July 28th and this Monday together it seems clear these forays have 
been intended to test and measure the following:

1. the loyalty of the police and CIMO

2. the reaction of the population

3. the reaction of the US Government and the international community

4. the reaction of the solidarity movement

The Convergence has consistently claimed that every act of violence against 
the Government or the population has been staged by Lavalas. This argument 
has certainly provided them with plausible deniability in the past and they 
have certainly reaped international credibility and political benefits of 
previous incidents of violence in Haiti.

Remember the presidential elections of November 26, 2000? Three weeks before 
the election, November 3rd, a jeep pulls into a busy transportation hub near 
the airport and lets loose with automatic weapons fire killing six and 
wounding 14 others. The Convergence claimed Lavalas did this to garner 
sympathy from the people and justify a crackdown on opposition.

Two weeks before the election unmarked cars and motorcycles indiscriminately 
fire upon pedestrians with automatic weapons fire at several busy 
intersections in the capital. No one is killed but several are wounded. 
Again, the Convergence claims Lavalas is responsible.

One week before the election, no less than a dozen pipe bombs go off in the 
market places and at busy intersections. The perpetrators ultimately target 
small trucks with children on their way to school killing four including a 
six year-old boy and an eleven year-old girl. Again the Convergence claims 
the same.

On November 28, the Convergence claims that the turnout in the election was 
less than six percent and says that it was due to their calling for a 
national boycott. This raises several interesting questions such as how 
could such incidents of violence have benefited Lavalas when it was clear 
that it was intended to frighten people from voting? Why in the end did it 
ultimately benefit the Convergence in their political claim that their 
boycott was the cause for a low voter turnout?

The events of July 28 and this last Monday were all too real. They are but 
precursors of what may come if and when a multi-level coordinated attack is 
launched in force from the Dominican Republic. It will mean many people will 
die once again in Haiti while many spend the luxury of debating reality from 
afar. Then it will become clear once again what the Haitian people have been 
suffering and dying for and unfortunately it will be too late. When a real 
dictatorship assumes power in this country the posturing chorus of critics, 
against a populist/democratic government in Haiti, will be left with nothing 
but shame as a memory for having misunderstood, and in many cases, purposely 
misrepresenting the truth. Democracy in Haiti is unquestionably in its 
infancy and by no means perfect and yet, by the measure of history, Haitiís 
people have been courageous in their attempt thus far.

We all pray that the violence will stop and Haiti is given a chance to 
mature into the beautiful country she is meant to be. Until then, let us 
critically support her and nurture her through these dangerous and difficult 

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