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a92: Re: a29: staged coup attempt ? (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

With the information currently available about the coup attempt, I have to admit that it may not have been staged by Lavalas. I am referring to the declarations of one of the prisonners (Richardson)

This is still a sad situation for Haiti and for democracy. It is about time that we stop these practices from the past centuries. We should be FIGHTING with WORDS NOT WITH GUNS. We should respect life !

Was the convergence involved in that coup ? Honestly, i must say "I DON'T KNOW !" since i have no specific information

I still do not believe that the mob should have destroyed buildings and kill convergence members and vice versa.

Aristide should be the president of ALL HAITIANS - CONVERGENCE or LAVALAS. He should specifically CONDEMN
1.- house burning
2.- lynching
3.- tire burning
4.- killing in the name of "Zero tolerance"

The convergence should publically condemn the "coup attempt" and reject any "armed option" or "coup" to get rid of Aristide.

They should SET the RULES  of the GAME !

Paul Louissaint


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